public class


extends Object
   ↳ com.facebook.imagepipeline.request.ImageRequest

Class Overview

Immutable object encapsulating everything pipeline has to know about requested image to proceed.


Nested Classes
enum ImageRequest.ImageType An enum describing type of the image. 
enum ImageRequest.RequestLevel Level down to we are willing to go in order to find an image. 
Protected Constructors
ImageRequest(ImageRequestBuilder builder)
Public Methods
static ImageRequest fromUri(Uri uri)
static ImageRequest fromUri(String uriString)
boolean getAutoRotateEnabled()
ImageDecodeOptions getImageDecodeOptions()
ImageRequest.ImageType getImageType()
boolean getLocalThumbnailPreviewsEnabled()
ImageRequest.RequestLevel getLowestPermittedRequestLevel()
Postprocessor getPostprocessor()
int getPreferredHeight()
int getPreferredWidth()
Priority getPriority()
boolean getProgressiveRenderingEnabled()
ResizeOptions getResizeOptions()
synchronized File getSourceFile()
Uri getSourceUri()
boolean isDiskCacheEnabled()
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object

Protected Constructors

protected ImageRequest (ImageRequestBuilder builder)

Public Methods

public static ImageRequest fromUri (Uri uri)

public static ImageRequest fromUri (String uriString)

public boolean getAutoRotateEnabled ()

public ImageDecodeOptions getImageDecodeOptions ()

public ImageRequest.ImageType getImageType ()

public boolean getLocalThumbnailPreviewsEnabled ()

public ImageRequest.RequestLevel getLowestPermittedRequestLevel ()

public Postprocessor getPostprocessor ()

public int getPreferredHeight ()

public int getPreferredWidth ()

public Priority getPriority ()

public boolean getProgressiveRenderingEnabled ()

public ResizeOptions getResizeOptions ()

public synchronized File getSourceFile ()

public Uri getSourceUri ()

public boolean isDiskCacheEnabled ()